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Counselling Cell

LNMIIT Counselling & Guidance Cell
……..because we care

Change is the law of Universe. Transition from the phase of being a school chap to a college student packs up excitement and anxiety together. Challenge to excel in academics and adjust in space away from home with new peer, there is always a need to combat the stress that germinates out of it.

Counselling Cell aims to guide and help them adjust to environment that is unfolded before them. The sole aim of the Counselling Cell is to ensure that each individual gels up with the idea of life at college, works in his/her areas of interest and brings out the best from within, cherishing every bit of it

Roles and Responsibilities

Life is sweet and sour in all phases and college is no impervious to this. Despite of a plethora of college activities, there is always a possibility for going off track, if not guided patiently and with care. Emotional instability, academic performance anxiety, home sickness and social pressure are few such glitches especially for the new entrants. But coloring oneself in a new color is easy when you know how to paint. Problems are easy to solve if you know whom to reach out for help, be it life or college, so the team ensures that helping hand for the new eyes in college.

And this is where Counselling Cell comes into the frame.

  • When the world around you changes completely in 24 hours, adjustment issues are bound to happen, so the need for help arises.
  • Academics and Curriculum are crucial and invokes doubts which must be met at priority.
  • Exploring and working on your interests is what builds your skill set, we help you with a push here.
  • Whenever you panic or anxiety rushes in, you always have a door to knock to come in and calm down.
  • The invisible wall of hesitation is what we all together toe down here with activities that inculcate positivity in you.
  • Interacting with minds plays a vital role in helping to get the zest of college life, we are the gluing agents.

The Team

Behind every successful mission is a determined, focused and hardworking team that brings on board every working and possible measure to bring ease to the lives of new members of the LNMIIT family. The team including super seniors to the sophomores, is sophisticatedly structured and trained to manage every situation that pop ups before them. Lead by two Coordinators and few Associate Coordinators, Counselling Cell has student mentors who are assigned to students in groups. The very conceptualization is done to make the guiding centric to students and create a bridge between college and the new members.

Convener, Counselling Cell

Dr. Usha Kanoongo


C-Cell Coordinators

Ritwik Bang


Ayushi Sharma


Associate Coordinators

Akshi Aggarwal


Sumit Kumar Jiyani


Garima Chawlani


Sarthak Saxena


Manan Adhikari


Tayba Wasim