The LNM Institute of Information Technology

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Programmes offered in 2016

The Institute offers undergraduate programmes in the following disciplines:

Programme Branch Seats*
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)* 180
Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) 120
Communication and Computer Engineering (CCE)* 60
Mechatronics Engineering (MTRE)

Mechanical Engineering (ME)
B.Tech.-M.Tech. 5 Year Dual degree programme CSE, ECE, CCE 10 each

* For IBM-LNMIIT specialization of CSE/CCE students, 40 provisional seats are available in both Big Data and Analytics and Mobile Cloud based applications.

** The total number of seats available for admission in B.Tech. at The LNMIIT is 450. The number of seats would be increased/decreased appropriately considering the overall academic quality of incoming students.