Welcome to Centre for Mathematical & Financial Computing (C-MFC)

Welcome to the newly formed interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical & Financial Computing (C-MFC) at The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur. The centre is supported by DST-FIST grant received by the Department of Mathematics. The centre has been established as a physical centre at the Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Park (RIEP) at the LNMIIT Jaipur.

Vision Statement:

The key vision of the Centre for Mathematical & Financial Computing is to be the leading research centre of international repute.

Mission Statement:

In the broadest term, the centre is strongly committed to the following goals:

  • To conduct and foster excellence and carry out interdisciplinary research of significant importance.
  • To conduct fundamental research in the development and mathematical analysis of efficient, data-driven discretizations for problems in engineering and the sciences as well as their implementation
  • To provide training in applied mathematics, numerics, mathematical and computational finance at all levels
  • To help bridge gaps between computational directions in engineering and the sciences and those in mathematical theory.
  • Ensure the training of future researchers in applied mathematics
  • To promote research on financial markets and other niche areas in empirical economics
  • To collaborate with established research institutions particularly in the areas of our research interests within India and abroad.
  • To promote the research activities and raise funds through R&D and infrastructure development projects and consultancy