Welcome to the Center for Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics

Research Collaborators

The members of the center are closely collaborating with researchers from both outside India and within India.

Outside India

  1. Prof. Amit Sheth (AI Institute, U of SC, USA)
  2. Prof. Nishanth Sastry (University of Surrey, UK)
  3. Prof. Alark Joshi (U of San Francisco, USA)
  4. Dr. Nicolas Kourtellis (Telephonica, Spain)
  5. Dr. Sangeeta Mahapatra (GIGA Institute for Asian Studies, Germany)
  6. Dr. Melissa Nolan (U of SC, USA)
  7. Dr. Stella Self (U of SC, USA)
  8. Manas Gaur (AI Institute, U of SC, USA)
  9. Pushkal Agarwal (King's College, London)
  10. Shounek Seth (King’s College, London)

Within India

  1. Prof. Arun K Pujari (Mahindra University, Hyderabad)
  2. Dr. Suryakanth Gangashetty (IIIT Hyderabad)
  3. Amulya Sri Pulijala (IIIT Hyderabad)