Externally Funded Project

  1. Project Title:- Investigation of Efficient Deep Learning Techniques for Hyperspectral Image Analysis
    Project ID:- RAC-s/SP/22-23/04
    Funded By:- ISRO- RACS MNIT Jaipur
    Principal Investigator:- Dr. Aloke Datta
    Duration:- one year
    Amount:- 98500/-

  2. Project Title:- Construction of Scalable and Robust Signcryption Scheme for IoMT devices,
    Funded By:- Data Security Council of India
    Principal Investigator:- Dr.Jayaprakash Kar
    Duration:- Six months
    Amount:- 595900

  3. Project Title:- Lightweight proxy re-encryption technology and its application in medical Internet of Thing,
    Project ID:- DL2022186001L,
    Funded By:- National Foreign Specialized Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China,
    Principal Investigator:- Dr. Jayprakash Kar, Dept. of CSE, The LNMIIT, Jaipur
    Duration:- 02 years (2022-2024)
    Amount:- 120,000 CNY ~ 17,306 USD

  4. Project Title:- "Establishing Disinfectant Hut/Tunnel",
    Funded by:- "Unnat Bharat Abhiyan", Sub-Category SEG, by Government of India,
    Time- September 2020,
    Principal Investigator - Vikas Bajpai, The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur
    Amount:- Rs 50,000.

List of M.Tech Project

  1. In the area “IoT Analytics”
  2. Information diffusion on online social networks
  3. Computational methods to find ideological slant in Indian news media

List of Ph.D projects:

  1. Action recognition in cricket videos
  2. Impact of exogenous sources in information diffusion