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Dr. Vibhor Kant

Personal Information
Name Dr. Vibhor Kant
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Computer Science & Engineering
Date of Joining -
Contact Information
Address Room No. 243, CSE Department LNMIIT, Jaipur
Country INDIA
Email Address
Phone [Mobile] -
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Academic Information
Degree/Diploma Institute/ Organization Year Branch/Specialization
1 M. Tech.  ( Master of Technology ) Computer Science & Technology 2010 SC&SS, JNU, New Delhi
2 Ph. D.  ( Doctor of Philosophy ) Computer Science 2013 Soft Computing Approaches to Recommender Systems (Submitted to SC&SS, JNU, NEW DELHI)
Research Publications
1 Priyankar Choudhury, Vibhor Kant & Pragya Dwivedi, A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach to Multi Criteria Recommender System Utilizing Effective Similarity Measures, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing, Published by ACM, Singapore, (Conference Publication)    FEB  2017      

2 Vibhor Kant, Tanisha Jhalani,and Pragya Dwivedi,Enhanced multi-criteria recommender system based on fuzzy Bayesian approach, Multimedia Tools and Applications,1-19, Springer US, (Journal Publication, SCIE Indexed, I.F. 1.530)    JUN  2017      

3 Mohammed Wasid, Vibhor Kant, Rashid Ali, vibhor kant, Frequency-based similarity measure for context-aware recommender systems, In proceedings of 4th international Conference onthe Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI), 627-632, Published by IEEE, (Conference Publication)    SEPT  2016      

4 Tanisha Jhalani, Vibhor Kant, Pragya Dwivedi, A linear regression approach to multi-criteria recommender system, In proceedings of the International Conference on Data Mining and Big Data,235-243,Springer International Publishing, Indonesia, Bali    JUN  2016      

5 Mohammed Wasid, Rashid Ali &Vibhor Kant, Particle Swarm Optimization based Contextual Recommender Systems, Accepted, will be published by International Journal of Swarm Intelligence, Inder-Science,(Journal Publication),    NOV  2016      

6 Vibhor Kant & Pragya Dwivedi: An Evidential Trust Model for Web Services Based on Fuzzy Sets, Procedia Computer Science, 57: 537-544, Elsevier,(Journal Publication, Source Normalized Impact per Paper-0.705, Scopus Indexed)      2015      

7 Mohammed Wasid & Vibhor Kant, A Particle Swarm Approach to Collaborative Filtering based Recommender Systems through Fuzzy Features, Procedia Computer Science 54, 440-448, Elsevier,(Journal Publication, Source Normalized Impact per Paper-0.705, Scopus Indexed)      2015      

8 Rubina Parveen, Vibhor Kant, Pragya Dwivedi, AK Jaiswal, Enhancing Recommendation Quality of a Multi Criterion Recommender System Using Genetic Algorithm,Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration, LNAI Springer 526-535, (Book Chapter)      2015      

9 Vibhor Kant & Pragya Dwivedi,A fuzzy Bayesian approach to integrate user and item based collaborating filtering for enhanced recommendations, In Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services, ACM New York, NY, USA ©2015, DOI:,(Conference Publication)    NOV  2015      

10 Vibhor Kant and Kamal K . Bharadwaj, Fuzzy Computational Models of Trust and Distrust for Enhanced Recommendations, International Journal of Intelligent Systems, John Wiley & Sons, 28(4): 332-365 (Journal Publication, SCIE Indexed, I.F. 2.929)    APRIL  2013      

11 Vibhor Kant and Kamal K . Bharadwaj, Integrating Collaborative and Reclusive Methods for Imp[roved Recommendations- A Fuzzy Bayesian Approach, International Journal of Intelligent Systems,28(11): 1099-1123, John Wiley & Sons, (Journal Publication, SCIE Indexed, I.F. 2.929)    NOV  2013      

12 Vibhor Kant and Kamal K Bharadwaj, Enhancing Recommendation Quality of Content based Filtering through Collaborative Predictions and Fuzzy Similarity Measures, Procedia Engineering, Elsevier,38, 939-944 (Journal Publication, Scopus Indexed, Source Normalized Impact per Paper-0.629)      2012      

13 Vibhor Kant and Kamal K . Bharadwaj, A User-Oriented Content Based Recommender System Based on Reclusive Methods and Interactive Genetic Algorithm. BIC-TA (1), AISC, Springer, 2012: 543-554 (Book Chapter)      2012      

14 Rubina Parveen, AK Jaiswal, Vibhor Kant, E-learning Recommendation Systems: A survey,International Journal of Engineering Research and Development, 10-12      2012      

15 Vibhor Kant, Kamal K. Bharadwaj: Incorporating Fuzzy Trust in Collaborative Filtering Based Recommender Systems. SEMCCO (1) 2011:, LNCS, Springer, 433-440 (Book Chapter)      2011      

Academic Experience
Name of Institute Duration From Duration To
1 K.A. PG College Kasganj ( Dr. B.R.A. University Agra 2004 2007
2 Kalindi College, Delhi ( Delhi University , Delhi) 2013 2013