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Prof. Narasimha Bolloju

Personal Information

Name Prof. Narasimha Bolloju
Designation Professor
Department Computer Science & Engineering
Date of Joining -
Research Area :
requirements engineering; software engineering; systems integration; decision support systems

Courses Taught

UG Courses Software engineering; Enterprise architecture
PG Courses Enterprise architecture; Systems integration; Management support and BI systems

Contact Information

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Email Address
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Office Extention 1413

Academic Information

Degree/Diploma Institute/ Organization Year Branch/Specialization
1 B. Tech.  ( Bachelor of Technology ) JNTU College of Engineering, Kakinada 1978 Electrical Engineering
2 M. Tech.  ( Master of Technology ) Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 1980 Industrial and Management Engineering
3 Ph. D.  ( Doctor of Philosophy ) University of Hyderabad 1991 Computer Science

Research Publications

1 Purao, S., Bolloju, N., and Tan, C.H., 2018, “A Modeling Language for Conceptual Design of Systems Integration Solutions”, ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, Accepted for publication in January 2018.      2018      

2 Bolloju, N., Chawla, R., & Ranjan, R. (2018, February). Pros and Cons of Rotating Scrum Master Role: A Qualitative Study. In Proceedings of the 11th Innovations in Software Engineering Conference (p. 13). ACM.      2018      

3 Bolloju, N., Alter, S., Gupta, A., Gupta S. and Jain, S., "Improving Scrum User Stories and Product Backlog Using Work System Snapshots." Proceedings of the AMCIS, Boston, Aug 2017.      2017      

4 Bolloju, N., and Chakrabarti, S.K., "Designing Software Engineering Courses for Effective Teaching and Learning." Proceedings of the 10th Innovations in Software Engineering Conference. ACM, Feb 2017.      2017      

5 S.Alter and N.Bolloju, "A Work System Front End for Object-Oriented Analysis and Design," International Journal of Information Technologies and Systems Approach, 9:1, 1-18.      2016      

6 Bolloju, N., and Alter S., 2016, “Better Use Case Diagrams by Using Work System Snapshots" International Journal of Information Technologies and Systems Approach (IJITSA) 9.2 (2016)      2016      

7 Bolloju, N., and Sun, S.X. 2012, “Benefits of supplementing use case narratives with activity diagrams—An exploratory study.” Journal of Systems and Software, 85, 2182-2191.      2012      

8 Bolloju, N., Schneider, C., and Sugumaran, V. 2012, “A knowledge-based system for improving the consistency between object models and use case narratives.” Expert Systems with Applications, 39:10, 9398-9410.      2012      

9 Bolloju, N., and Sugumaran, V., 2012, “A Knowledge-Based Object Modeling Advisor for Developing Quality Object Models”, Expert Systems With Applications, 39:3, 2893-2906.      2012      

10 Turban, E., Bolloju, N., and Liang, T.P., 2011, “Enterprise Social Networking: Opportunities, Adoption and Risk Mitigation”, Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 21:3. 202-220      2011      

11 N. Bolloju, 2009 “Conceptual Modeling of Systems Integration Requirements,” IEEE Software, 26:5, 66-74      2009      

12 Bolloju, N. and E. Turban, E. 2007, “Organizational Assimilation of Web Services Technology: A Research Framework,” Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 17:1, 29-52      2007      

13 Bolloju, N. and Leung, S.K. 2006, “Assisting Novice Analysts in Developing Quality Conceptual Models with UML,” Communications of the ACM. 49:7, 108-112.      2006      

14 So, J.C.-F. and Bolloju, N, “Explaining the Intentions to Share and Reuse Knowledge in the Context of IT Service Operations,” Journal of Knowledge Management. 9:6, 2005, 30-41.      2005      

15 Wagner, C. and Bolloju, N. “Supporting Knowledge Management in Organizations with Conversational Technologies: Discussion Forums, Weblogs and Wikis,” Journal of Database Management, 16:2, 2005, pp i-viii.      2005      

16 Bolloju, N., 2004, “Improving the quality of business object models using collaboration patterns,” Communications of the ACM, 47:7, 81-86.      2004      

17 Bolloju,N., Khalifa, M., and Turban, E. 2002, “Integrating knowledge management into enterprise environments for the next generation decision support”, Decision Support Systems, 33, pp., 163-176.      2002      

18 Zhou, D., Ma, J., Turban, E., and N. Bolloju, 2002, “A Fuzzy Set Approach to the Evaluation of Journal Grades”, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 131, 63-74      2002      

19 Bolloju, N., 2001, "Aggregation of Analytic Hierarchy Process Models based on Similarities in Decision Makers' Preferences", European Journal of Operational Research, vol 128, no. 3, 499-508      2001      

20 Bolloju, N 2001, Experiences of using GroupSystems in Teaching and Learning of an Object-Oriented Analysis & Design Course, Journal of Object-Oriented Programming, vol. 13, no. 9, 6-11      2001      

21 Bolloju, N. 1999, "Decision Model Formulation of Subjective Classification Problem-Solving Knowledge Using a Neuro-Fuzzy Classifier and its Effectiveness", International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 21, pp. 197-213.      1999      

22 Bolloju, N. and Toraskar, K. 1997, “Data Clustering for Effective Mapping of Object Models to Relational Models”, Journal of Database Management, vol. 8, no. 4, pp.16-23.      1997      

23 Bolloju, N.1996, “Formulation for Qualitative Models using Fuzzy Logic”, Decision Support Systems, Vol 17, pp. 275-298      1996      

Academic Experience

Name of Institute Duration From Duration To
1 City University of Hong Kong 1994 2015

Industrial Experience

Name of Industry Duration From Duration To
1 State Informatics Ltd., Mauritius 1991 1993
2 CMC Ltd 1981 1991
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