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Mr. Vikas Bajpai

Personal Information

Name Mr. Vikas Bajpai
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Computer Science & Engineering
Date of Joining -

Contact Information

Country INDIA
Email Address
Phone [Mobile] 8875522828
Office Extension 0

Academic Information

Degree/Diploma Institute/ Organization Year Branch/Specialization
1 B. Tech.  ( Bachelor of Technology ) Computer Science and Engineering
2 M.S.  ( Master of Science ) Computer Science and Engineering

Research Publications

1 Bajpai, V.; Gorthi Prakash, R.; et. al, “Non-Function Point Analysis: A Model to Estimate Response-Times of Business Transactions"; Infosys Labs Briefings (formerly SETLabs Briefings) and presented at 3rd workshop on Advances in Model-Based Software Engineering, co-located in 5th India Software Engineering Conference at IIT-Kanpur, February 22nd-25th 2012.    FEB  2012      

2 Gorthi Praksh, R ,; Bajpai, V. et. al; “ Pervasive Sales Box: Next-Gen Technology for Retail Sales”, in the proceedings of Retailing in India-Only Business or Beyond”,    DEC  2012      

3 A Novel Prediction Algorithm for Lossless Compression of Fingerprint Images A. Singla, R. Anand, A. Tiwari, and Vikas Bajpai; IEEE, 11th International Conference on Signal Processing, 2012; Beijing, China.    JULY  2012      

4 Bajpai, Vikas; Gorthi, Ravi Prakash; , "On non-functional requirements: A survey, (SCEECS), 2012 IEEE , vol., no., pp.1-4, 1-2 March 2012; doi: 10.1109/SCEECS.2012.6184810.    MAR  2012      

5 Bajpai, V.; Anand, S.; Gorthi Prakash, R.;, "NFPA: A Model for Estimating Response Time of Software Applications ," I-CARE 2011 & IBM Centennial Colloquia".    SEPT  2011      

6 Gorthi Praksh, R ,; Bajpai, V.; Anand, S.;“NFPA: A New Model to Estimate Response-Times of Software Applications”, in the proceedings of Software Engineering and Applications 2011, Dallas; USA    DEC  2011      

7 Bajpai, V.;et. al., "Multidirectional Gradient Adjusted Predictor," Signal and Image Processing (ICSIP), IEEE International Conference on , vol., no., pp.349-352, 15-17/    DEC  2010      

Training/Conferences/Short Term Courses Attended

Month Year Information
1 DEC 2010 “Semantic web and Linked data applications” by Monica Solanki, University of Leicester.
2 JAN 2010 National Conference on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Graphics
3 DEC 2010 International Conference on Signal and Image Processing (ICSIP)
4 FEB 2011 “Measuring and Managing the Non-Functional, Internal Quality of IT Software: The Next Wave Hitting Application Customers and Suppliers” by Bill Curtis, SVP and Chief Scientist, CAST.
5 SEPT 2011 IBM-ICARE-2011
6 FEB 2012 “Next Generation W3C Web Technologies” in association with W3C India
7 FEB 2012 5th India Software Engineering Conference (ISEC)
8 FEB 2013 6th India Software Engineering Conference (ISEC) 2012
9 FEB 2013 Workshop on Advances in Model-Based Software Engineering.
10 OCT 2013 IBM-ICARE-2013
11 OCT 2013 Winter School on Hot Topics in Net Generation Systems by IBM in association with IIT Delhi
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