Mr. Vikas Bajpai

Personal Information

Name Mr. Vikas Bajpai
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Computer Science & Engineering
Date of Joining -
Research Area :
Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Machine LEarning and Deep Learning

Contact Information

Country INDIA
Email Address
Phone [Mobile] 8875522828
Office Extension 0

Academic Information

Degree/Diploma Institute/ Organization Year Branch/Specialization
1 B. Tech.   (Bachelor of Technology ) Computer Science and Engineering
2 M.S.   (Master of Science ) Computer Science and Engineering

Research Publications

1 Bajpai, V.; Gorthi Prakash, R.; et. al, “Non-Function Point Analysis: A Model to Estimate Response-Times of Business Transactions"; Infosys Labs Briefings (formerly SETLabs Briefings) and presented at 3rd workshop on Advances in Model-Based Software Engineering, co-located in 5th India Software Engineering Conference at IIT-Kanpur, February 22nd-25th 2012.    FEB  2012      

2 Gorthi Praksh, R ,; Bajpai, V. et. al; “ Pervasive Sales Box: Next-Gen Technology for Retail Sales”, in the proceedings of Retailing in India-Only Business or Beyond”,    DEC  2012      

3 A Novel Prediction Algorithm for Lossless Compression of Fingerprint Images A. Singla, R. Anand, A. Tiwari, and Vikas Bajpai; IEEE, 11th International Conference on Signal Processing, 2012; Beijing, China.    JULY  2012      

4 Bajpai, Vikas; Gorthi, Ravi Prakash; , "On non-functional requirements: A survey, (SCEECS), 2012 IEEE , vol., no., pp.1-4, 1-2 March 2012; doi: 10.1109/SCEECS.2012.6184810.    MAR  2012      

5 Bajpai, V.; Anand, S.; Gorthi Prakash, R.;, "NFPA: A Model for Estimating Response Time of Software Applications ," I-CARE 2011 & IBM Centennial Colloquia".    SEPT  2011      

6 Gorthi Praksh, R ,; Bajpai, V.; Anand, S.;“NFPA: A New Model to Estimate Response-Times of Software Applications”, in the proceedings of Software Engineering and Applications 2011, Dallas; USA    DEC  2011      

7 Bajpai, V.;et. al., "Multidirectional Gradient Adjusted Predictor," Signal and Image Processing (ICSIP), IEEE International Conference on , vol., no., pp.349-352, 15-17/    DEC  2010      

Training/Conferences/Short Term Courses Attended

Type Month Year Information
1 FEB 2013 6th India Software Engineering Conference (ISEC) 2012
2 FEB 2013 Workshop on Advances in Model-Based Software Engineering.
3 OCT 2013 IBM-ICARE-2013
4 OCT 2013 Winter School on Hot Topics in Net Generation Systems by IBM in association with IIT Delhi
5 FEB 2012 “Next Generation W3C Web Technologies” in association with W3C India
6 FEB 2012 5th India Software Engineering Conference (ISEC)
7 FEB 2011 “Measuring and Managing the Non-Functional, Internal Quality of IT Software: The Next Wave Hitting Application Customers and Suppliers” by Bill Curtis, SVP and Chief Scientist, CAST.
8 SEPT 2011 IBM-ICARE-2011
9 DEC 2010 “Semantic web and Linked data applications” by Monica Solanki, University of Leicester.
10 JAN 2010 National Conference on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Graphics
11 DEC 2010 International Conference on Signal and Image Processing (ICSIP)
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