Department of Computer Science & Engineering

The LNM Institute of Information Technology

Dr. Preety Singh

Personal Information
Name Dr. Preety Singh
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Computer Science & Engineering
Date of Joining 01/12/2012
Contact Information
Address Jawahar Nagar,
Country INDIA
Email Address
Phone [Mobile] 9828364396
Office Extention 1407
Academic Information
Degree/Diploma Institute/ Organization Year Branch/Specialization
1 B. Tech.  ( Bachelor of Technology ) NIT Allahabad 1989 Electrical Engineering
2 M. Tech.  ( Master of Technology ) IIT Delhi 1990 Integrated Electronics & Circuits
3 Ph. D.  ( Doctor of Philosophy ) NIT Jaipur 2013 Image Processing
Research Publications
1 Vanika Singhal, Preety Singh, “Texture Features for the Detection of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia,” International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Sustainable Development (ICT4SD - 2015), Volume 2 Springer AISC series, Ahmedabad, India, pp.535-543    JULY  2016      

2 Preety Singh, Vijay Laxmi, Manoj Singh Gaur, “Visual Speech Recognition with Selected Boundary Descriptors”, Image Feature Detectors: Foundations, Innovations, and Applications, Springer, pp. 367-383      2016      

3 Vanika Singhal, Preety Singh, “Correlation based Feature Selection for Diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia,” Third International Symposium on Women in Computing and Informatics (WCI-2015), ACM, Kochi, India, pp. 5-9    AUG  2015      

4 Ankita Sharma, Preety Singh, “A Comparative Study of Frequency Domain Based Approaches for Image Tamper Detection,” TENCON 2015, Macau, China, pp. 1-4    NOV  2015      

5 Saroj Bijarnia, Preety Singh, “Age Invariant Face Recognition using Minimal Geometrical Facial Features,” Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies 2015, Springer, Panipat, India, pp. 71-77      2015      

6 Vanika Singhal, Preety Singh, “Local Binary Pattern for Detection of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia,” 20th National Conference On Communications (NCC-2014), Kanpur, India, pp. 1-5    MAR  2014      

7 Sai Siddharth Kota, Raja Massand, Abhinaya Agrawal and Preety Singh, “Digital Enhancement of Indian Manuscript, Yashodhar Charitra,” The Sixth International Conference on Wireless & Mobile Networks (WiMoNe - 2014) Sydney, Australia, Volume 4, Number 12, pp. 199-207.    DEC  2014      

8 Preety Singh, Vijay Laxmi, Manoj Singh Gaur, "Near-Optimal Geometric Feature Selection for Visual speech Recognition", International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, vol. 27, No. 8,      2013      

9 Sahil Ahlawat, Anubhav Goel, Surabhi Prasad, Preety Singh, “Offline Signature Verification Using Local Binary Pattern and Octave Pattern,” 5th International Conference on Graphic and Image Processing,Proc. SPIE, vol. 9069, IACSIT, Hong Kong, China.    OCT  2013      

10 Ayush Kumar, Kritika Agrawal, Abhinash Kumar Jha, Saurabh, Preety Singh, “An Efficient Thresholding Technique For Segmentation of Phonocardiographic Signals,” 17th IEEE SPA Conference on Algorithms, Architectures, Arrangements, and Applications, Poznan, Poland, pp. 154-157    SEPT  2013      

11 Preety Singh, Vijay Laxmi, Manoj Singh Gaur, “Visual Speech As Behavioral Biometric”, Advances in Biometrics for Secure Human Authentication and Recognition, Taylor and Francis (CRC Press), ISBN 978-1466-5824-22      2013      

12 Preety Singh, V. Laxmi, M.S. Gaur, “Lip Peripheral Motion for Visual Surveillance,” 5th International Conference on Security of Information and Networks, ACM, Jaipur, India, pp. 173-177.    NOV  2012      

13 Preety Singh, V. Laxmi, M.S. Gaur, ''n-Gram Modeling of Relevant Features for Lip-Reading," International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics, ACM, Chennai, India, pp. 1199-1204    AUG  2012      

14 Preety Singh, V. Laxmi, M.S. Gaur, “Relevant MRMR Features for Visual Speech Recognition,” International Conference on Recent Advances in Computing and Software Systems, IEEE, Chennai, India, pp.148-153    APRIL  2012      

15 Preety Singh, V. Laxmi, M.S. Gaur, “Speechreading using Modified Visual Feature Vectors”, Emerging Applications of Natural Language Processing: Concepts and New Research, IGI-Global, ISBN 978-1-4666-2169-5, pp. 292-315.      2012      

16 Deepika Gupta, Preety Singh, V. Laxmi, M.S. Gaur, “Boundary Descriptors for Visual Speech Recognition,” 26th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences, Springer, London, UK, pp. 307-313    SEPT  2011      

17 Preety Singh, Deepika Gupta, V. Laxmi, M.S. Gaur, “Contribution of Oral Periphery on Visual Speech Intelligibility,” First International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications, Springer, Kochi, India, pp. 183-190    JULY  2011      

18 Preety Singh, V. Laxmi, M.S. Gaur, “Speaker Identification using Optimal Lip Biometrics,” 5th IAPR International Conference on Biometrics, IEEE, New Delhi, India, pp. 472-477    APRIL  2011      

19 Deepika Gupta, Preety Singh, V. Laxmi, M.S. Gaur, “Comparison of Parametric Visual Features For Speech Recognition,” International Conference on Network Communication and Computer, IEEE, New Delhi, India, pp. 432-435    MAR  2011      

20 Preety Singh, V. Laxmi, Deepika Gupta, M.S.Gaur, “Lipreading Using n-gram Feature Vector”, 3rd International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems, Springer-Verlag, Leon, Spain, pp. 81-88    NOV  2010      

21 Preety Singh, Ramprasad Jat, V. Laxmi, M.S. Gaur, “n-Gram Modeling for Visual Speech Recognition”, TENCON2010, IEEE Region 10 Conference, Fukuoka, Japan, pp. 2269-2274    NOV  2010      

22 Preety Singh, V. Laxmi, M.S. Gaur, “Audio-Visual Speech Recognition using Hidden Markov Models,” UGC National Conference on New Advances in Core Computing and Their Challenges, Jodhpur, India    MAR  2010      

23 Preety Singh, “The Need of High Temperature Electronics,” National Conference on Recent Advancement in Engineering & Technology, Ajmer, India    APRIL  2008      

24 Preety Singh, “FPGA: Architecture and Performance Comparison,” ISTE 4th National Conference on Innovative Developments in Engineering Applications, Sangrur, India, pp.5-8    APRIL  2008      

Academic Experience
Name of Institute Duration From Duration To
1 BMIT, Jaipur 2006 2009
2 The LNMIIT, Jaipur 2012 2017
Industrial Experience
Name of Industry Duration From Duration To
1 Precision Rollers & Bearings 1992 2005
Training/Conferences/Short Term Courses Attended
Month Year Information
1 SEPT 2012 Short-term course on Machine Learning, conducted by Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur
2 MAR 2011 Workshop on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) conducted by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Bangalore, under PKI Outreach Programme (POP) project of DIT, MCIT, at MNIT, Jaipur
3 FEB 2010 Workshop on Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in Physics Research (ACAT 2010), LNM Institute of Informtion Technology, Jaipur
4 DEC 2013 Workshop on Biometrics and Privacy Protection, MNIT, Jaipur
5 OCT 2014 Essentials of Software Engineering (OOAD & SDLC) using IBM Rational, LNMIIT, Jaipur
6 DEC 2014 Fundamentals of Information Management (DBMS) & DB2 Programming, LNMIIT, Jaipur
7 JAN 2015 Learning Business Intelligence using IBM Cognos, LNMIIT, Jaipur
8 FEB 2015 Fundamentals of Big Data with Hadoop using InfoSphere BigInsight, LNMIIT, Jaipur
9 AUG 2015 SAP, LNMIIT, Jaipur
10 MAY 2016 Instructional Excellence in Intelligent Systems (Intel) LNMMIT, Jaipur