Title of Patent Inventor(s) Name Application No. Status
A Standalone Security Device and System for Initiating a Preemptive Action for Providing a Safe Environment to Women in a Vehicle Preety Singh, Rajbir Kaur, Sunil Kumar 201911034742 Published
System and Method for Performing Surveillance of an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Praveen Kumar 201611009410 Published
Healthcare data exchange using Blockchain based Technology Sonu Lamba 2021102036 Granted
Before 2016
Method and System for Performing a Memory Written in an Unmanaged Programming Language Vishv Mohan Malhotra 14251519 Granted
Method and System for Identifying Regression Test Cases for a Software Ravi Prakash Gorthi 12/891,046 Granted
Method for Providing Context Aware Access in Global Software Project Management Ravi Prakash Gorthi 13/325,329 Granted
Method and System for Generating Functional Test Cases Ravi Prakash Gorthi 12/321,133 Granted
Integrated and Plateform Independent Approach to Modeling of Business Rules Using Business and Application Domain Ontologies Ravi Prakash Gorthi 11/896,595 Granted
Method and System for Generating Test Cases for a Software Application Ravi Prakash Gorthi 12/891,031 Granted