Department of Computer Science & Engineering The LNM Institute of Information Technology


The LNM Distinguished Lectures:

  • Models and Programs: Better Together by Dr. Sriram Rajamani (MD, Microsoft Research India) on January 9, 2021
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Past, Present and Future by Dr. C. Mohan (Ex-Scientist, IBM Almaden Research Center and presently a Visiting Professor, NUS) on March 6, 2021
  • Knowledge Graphs and their Central Role in Big Data Processing:
    Past, Present, and Future Prof. Amit Sheth, Director, Artificial Intelligence Institute, University of South Carolina, January 13, 2020
  • Four Decades of Computer Vision
    Prof. Narendra Ahuja, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Director, ITRA, New Delhi on February 11, 2019
  • Research Issues in Security of Connected Systems and Services Prof. C. Pandu Rangan, IIT Madras on October 20, 2018
  • Research Issues in Security in Cyber-Physical Systems Prof. Sandeep Shukla, IIT Kanpur on September 30, 2018.

Invited Lectures:

  • Socialising and Learning with Machines by Prof. Nishanth Shastry, University of Surrey, UK on October 27, 2020
  • Machine Learning Applications in Businessess: Some Use-cases by Dr. Kannan Balaji, Director, Nielsen, USA, October 17, 2020
  • Knowledge-infused AI for Healthcare: Role of Conceptual Medical Knowledge in Improving Machine Understanding
    Manas Gaur, PhD Student, University of South Carolina, January 13, 2020
  • Understanding Natural Language Prof. Deepak Khemani, IIT Madras, November 16, 2019
  • Social Computing, Machine Learning & Online Social Media Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, IIIT Delhi, October 3, 2019
  • Judea Pearl and his quest for Causality Prof. Deepak Khemani, IIT Madras, May 15, 2019
  • Bharati script: A universal link script for Indian Languages V. Chandra Sekar a PhD Scholar jointly with Department of Biotechnology, IIT Madras and Computer Science and Engineering, IIIT SriCity, January 28, 2019
  • Improving software development by the numbers Prof. Phillip Miller, CMU, January 23, 2019
  • Telemedicine Prof. Phillip Miller, CMU, January 22, 2019
  • Building Industry Strength Systems in Academic Environments Prof T V Prabhakar, IIT Kanpur, Dec 31, 2018
  • Cryptography and Machine Learning: Past, Present and Future Dr Arpita Patra, IISc Bangalore, Nov 26, 2018
  • A Turing Award-Contribution in Cryptographic Protocol Theory Dr. Ashish Choudhury, IIIT Bangalore, on Nov 26, 2018
  • How to set a good question paper Prof. Pandu Rangan, IIT Madras, October 20, 2018
  • The art of setting a good question paper Prof. S. C. Dutta Roy, former Prof, IIT Delhi, April 17, 2018
  • Software Development Challenges in Heterogeneous Computing Platforms Prof. Santonu Sarkar, BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus, Dec 19, 2017
  • Do you know what she knows? Prof. Deepak Khemani, IITM , Nov 17, 2017
  • An Interactive Session and Documentary on Deepmind AlphaGo Prof. Deepak Khemani, IITM, Nov 16, 2017
  • Architectural Issues of Contemporary Computing Platforms Prof. T V Prabhakar, Dept. of CSE, IIT Kanpur, Oct 27, 2017
  • An Interactive Session on ACM Dr. Padmanabhuni, Ex-president of ACM India, Co-founder of CityMandi, Jul 25, 2017


  • Third International Workshop on Multimedia Applications 2021(IWMA 2021)

    IWMA 2021 was organized by the InterMedia Research Group and Department of Computer Science & Engineering, The LNMIIT, Jaipur during 2nd – 6th March 2021 in virtual mode. Convenor of the workshop was Dr. Aloke Datta and Co-convenor was Dr. Nitin Kumar. Dr. Preety Singh and Dr. Rajbir Kaur were Organizing Chairs. Dr. Ram Prakash Sharma was the Publicity Chair. The workshop had an impressive list of speakers from institutes of international repute. The speakers include:

    • Prof. Amit Sheth, University of South Carolina, USA
    • Prof. Sung-Bae Cho, Yonsei University, South Korea
    • Prof. Ashish Ghosh, ISI Kolkata
    • Prof. Rahul Banerjee, LNMIIT Jaipur
    • Prof. Susmita Ghosh, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
    • Prof. Kuntal Ghosh, ISI Kolkata
    • Dr. Satish Kumar Singh, IIIT Allahabad
    • Dr. Neeta Jain, MNIT Jaipur
    • Dr. B. N. Subudhi, IIT Jammu
    • Dr. Ankit Dubey, IIT Jammu
    • Dr. Aloke Datta, LNMIIT Jaipur

    The workshop also had hand-on sessions like:

    • OpenCV for Computer Vision
    • Collecting and analyzing IoT data using Thingspeak
    • EEG Brain signal analysis using EEGLAB
    • IoT Emulation with Cooja (Basics and Advance)

    Beside that Industry partner MATLAB had presented some demonstration on machine learning and deep learning.

  • Training Workshop for Nvidia DGX-1 server

    A 5-day training workhop was organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Center for Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics during 9th – 13th March 2021 in Virtual mode. Main organizers were Dr. Subrat Dash, Dr. Sakthi Balan Muthiah, Dr. Ram Prakash Sharma and Dr. Animesh Chaturvedi.

    Lectures on Introduction to DGX, Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC), Hands-on sessions on docker, regression, clustering, neural networks, CNN, image classification, object detection, and image segmentation were arranged in this workshop.

  • International Workshop on Multimedia Applications (IWMA 2020)
    InterMedia Research Group of Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur, organized an International Workshop on Multimedia Applications 2020 on January 9-11, 2020.
    The workshop had an impressive list of speakers from institutes of international repute. The speakers include:

    Prof. Girijesh Prasad (Ulster University, UK)

    Prof. Suyash P. Awate (IIT Bombay)

    Prof. Jayanthi Sivaswamy (IIIT Hyderabad)

    Prof. Mayank Vats (IIT, Jodhpur)

    Dr. Kamlesh Tiwari (BITS, Pilani)

    The workshop also had hand-on sessions on:

    • NIST software for feature extraction of fingerprint images
    • EEGLAB toolbox for EEG and MEG analysis
    • ITK-SNAP for segmentation and novelty detection
  • Nvidia workshop
    2-day workshop on "Accelerating Numerical Computation on Nvidia GPUs" on October 18-19, 2019. Few topics:
    • Introduction to Numpy and Numba
    • CUDA Architecture
    • GPU Architecture
    • Distributed Multi-GPU accelerated computation
    • Accelerating image processing and signal processing
    • Writing CUDA kernels, memory management and troubleshooting
  • International Workshop on Multimedia Applications (IWMA 2019)
    The International Workshop on Multimedia Applications (IWMA 2019) was successfully organized from February 12-16, 2019 by InterMedia Research Group of the Department. The theme of the workshop was Smart City. It was supported by DST (Rajasthan) and sponsored by Nvidia, IBM, Mathworks and ACM student chapter of LNMIIT. The workshop was organized by Dr. Preety Singh, Dr. Rajbir Kaur, Dr. Puneet Jain and Dr. Anukriti Bansal.
    Guest of honour, Mr. Alok Ranjan, CEO of Jaipur Smart City Limited (JSCL) introduced the Jaipur Smart city project to the audience. Keynote addresses were delivered by:
    • Prof. Narendra Ahuja (University of Illinois and Director, ITRA),
    • Prof. Santanu Chaudhury (IIT Jodhpur, IIT Delhi),
    • Prof. Rahul Banerjee (LNMIIT, Jaipur),
    • Prof. Sumantra Dutta Roy (IIT Delhi),
    • Prof. Phalguni Gupta (NITTR Kolkata, IIT Kanpur),
    • Dr. Anoop Namboodiri (IIIT Hyderabad),
    • Dr. Ujjwal Bhattacharya (ISI Kolkata),
    • Dr. Anil K. Tiwari (IIT Jodhpur),
    • Dr. K. Solomon Raju (CSIR-CEERI Pilani),
    • Mr. Nishant Goyal (Nvidia),
    • Mr. Magesh Rajamani (IBM) and
    • Dr. Souvick Chatterjee (Mathworks).
  • Workshop on Audio and Video Processing using MATLAB
    Ms. Hitu Sharma from Mathworks conducted a workshop on Audio and Video Processing using MATLAB on October 9, 2018. The workshop was organized by InterMedia Research Group. Few topics covered in the workshop:
    • Introduction to system modeling with MATLAB and Simulink
    • Digital filter design
    • Stream processing using system objects & Simulink
    • Introduction to Video processing using MATLAB & Simulink.
    • Video system design Challenges
    • Using Simulink for Video processing
    • System Design and Implementation
  • Innovations in Software Engineering Conference (ISEC 2017)
    The 10th International Conference on “Innovations in Software Engineering (ISEC)” was organized in the LNMIIT on February 5 - 7th, 2017 with the following faculty members of the LNMIIT in the Organizing Team: Prof Ravi P Gorthi as its General Chair, Dr Sakthi Balan as the Finance Chair, Dr Preety Singh as the Local Organizing Committee Chair (and many faculty members of the LNMIIT participated either in organizing or attending this conference). The conference included Keynote Speakers, Session Chairs, research paper presenters of International and National repute.
  • Faculty Development Programs:
    • FDP on and Data Structures and Algorithms by Prof. Pandu Rangan, IIT Madras on October 20 and 21 2018.
    • FDP on Big Data Analytics from March 17-21, 2018, in collaboration with MNIT-Jaipur, and Electronics & ICT Academy. Resource persons were Prof. Arun K. Pujari (V.C. Central University of Rajasthan), Prof. V.C.V. Rao (Senior Director CDAC, Pune), Prof. K.K. Shukla (Dean of Faculty Affairs IIT-BHU), Dr. Pillai Emmanuel Shubhakar (MNIT, Jaipur). It was organized by Dr. Poonam Gera, Dr. Bharavi Mishra, and Mr. Mukesh Jadon