Department of Computer Science & Engineering The LNM Institute of Information Technology


Credit Requirement

Programme Minimum Total Credits Credits Through Courses (Minimum) Credits Through Research (Minimum) Expected Duration Maximum Duration
Ph.D students with B. Tech.
96 32 64 8 Sem. 7 Years
Ph.D students with M. Tech.
80 16 64 5 Sem. 6 Years


Research work is carried out in the following fields (including but not limited to):

  • Artificial Intelligence: Intelligent Systems, Wearable computing
  • Computational Sciences: Computational Geometry, Computational Neuroscience and Modeling & Simulation
  • Computer Security: Cyber Security, Cryptology, Digital Forensics
  • Data Science: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Social Media Analytics
  • Image/Signal Processing and Computer Vision: Medical image/signal processing, Bio-metrics, Image Retrieval
  • Networks: Ad-Hoc Networks, Cloud Computing, Distributed Computing, IoT/CPS, Computer and Network Security, Software Defined Networking
  • Software Engineering: Model Based Software Engineering, Software Testing
  • Protocol Engineering, ITS