Department of Computer Science & Engineering The LNM Institute of Information Technology

Welcome to CSE


To be one of the finest centers of higher learning in the area of Computer Science & Engineering, offering a high quality learning and research environment through continually evolving, updating and adapting to the current, emerging and future needs of industry, academia and society.


  • To offer state-of-the-art programmes in Computer Science & Engineering while ensuring strong fundamentals.
  • To foster quality research through internal and external collaborations leading to publications, patents and sponsored/funded projects.
  • To have industry/research collaborations to keep abreast with emerging technological advancements and create cutting edge technology-driven solutions for problems faced by relevant industries.
  • To inculcate lifelong learning, teamwork, leadership qualities and professional ethics amongst students and faculty.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Be able to apply the principles of computer science, basic mathematics, and science to solve problems requiring knowledge of the discipline.
  • Be able to identify and analyze Information Technology related problems and propose solutions to address them.
  • Be engaged in learning, understanding and applying new ideas and technologies in multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary projects by being an effective leader or team member.
  • Be socially and globally aware of contemporary issues, possess ethical values and communication skills.