Title of Patent Inventor(s) Name Application No. Status
Dynamic Digital Twin System and a Method of Operating Thereof Abhishek Sharma 2020103853 Granted
Digital Twin System for Automatic Indoor Localization and Control Through ISM Band Signals Abhishek Sharma 202141026735 Published
Method and System for identifying Geographical origin based on accent of voice audio Abhishek Sharma 202011030913 Published
Advanced Adjustable Water Resistant Ultrasonic Based Blind Stick with GPS Tracking Nikhil Raj 202141009556 Published
Holistic Database Management for Nitizens Nikhil Raj 202141009527 Published
Method and System for Assisting a User in Performing a Pre-Defined Physical Exercise Abhishek Sharma 201911008437 Published
A Locking System Abhishek Sharma 201911007724 Published
Charcoal Film Based Sensor and Random Signal Generator Kanjalochan Jena 201811025225 Published
A Substrate Integrated Waveguide Inspired Multi-Horn Antenna Suvadeep Choudhury 201831037619 Published
Method and System for Assisting a Farmer in Crop Management Abhishek Sharma 201811012072 Published
Dual Mode Automated Rotary Radial Parking System Using Hydraulics and Sensing Devices Nikhil Raj 201941026234 Published
System for Providing Specific and Common Information to the Passengers using Hybriod Technology Nikhil Raj 201941040738 Published
A Millimeter Wave Horn Antenna Suvadeep Choudhury 201831003527 Published
Method and Apparatus for Monitoring Health Related Parameters of a Patient Abhishek Sharma 201711021006 Published
Intelligent Display Board and a System to Display Data Received over a Network Nikhil Raj 201841010055 Published
System and Method for Assisting Communication Between Users Abhishek Sharma 201611006897 Published
Substrate Integrated Waveguide Monopole Antenna Suvadeep Choudhury 201631001532 Published
IoT based Smart Home Gas Leakage Prevention System Abhishek Sharma 202111009268 Filed

Patents before 2016

Title of Patent Inventor(s) Name Application No. Status
Method and System for Measuring, Monitoring and Controlling Electrical Power Consumption Kumar Padmanabh 12/814,747 Granted
System and Method for Facilitating Communication Between Different Protocol Stacks via Virtual Communication Devices Kumar Padmanabh 13/233,197 Granted
Method and System for Querying, Monitoring and Controlling a Wireless Sensor Network Using Instant Messaging System Kumar Padmanabh 13/440,238 Granted