Sponsored Research Projects

Title of the Project Funding Agency Name of PI/ Co-PI Funding Amount Duration Status
Multimodal user interface for assisting elderly people in indoor environment DST, Govt. of India Dr. Joyeeta Singha Rs. 23,83,686.00 2019-2022 In Progress
Energy Efficient RF/VLC Networks for IoT Applications DST, Govt. of India Dr. Nikhil Sharma Rs. 35,17,096.00 2019-2022 In Progress
Sign Language to Regional Language Converter  (SLRC) DST, Govt. of India Dr. Abhishek Sharma, Dr. Sandeep Saini, Prof. Raghuvir Singh Tomar Rs. 42,88,161.00 2018-2021 In Progress
Mobile Broadband Service Support Over Cognitive Radio Networks ITRA, DeitY, Govt. of India Prof. Ranjan Gangopadhyay Rs. 1,02,96,000.00 2013-2018 Completed