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Under Graduate
Department currently offers following Under-graduate programs

B.Tech. (4 years)
B.Tech. Hons. (4 years)
B.Tech. - M.Tech. Dual degree (5 years)

The curriculum of each program consists of a mixture of well thought out courses in the following broad categories: Language, Mathematics, Science,Engineering Science, Humanities/Social Sciences/Management,Professional Courses, Elective Courses, Laboratory Courses, Project Courses. A semester-wise structure of the curriculum for each program, currently being followed, is given in below. However, the semester-wise structure is not followed rigidly. In fact, the students are encouraged to change the structure of their curriculum,to the extent feasible and desirable, to accommodate their own aspirations. The curriculum of every academic program is reviewed,periodically, with a view to incorporate the latest advances pertaining to the program.

Credit Structure
  B.Tech.ECE (credits) B.Tech.CCE (credits) B.Tech. Hons. ECE (credits) B.Tech. Hons. CCE (credits)
Compulsory Core Courses (excluding Englishcourse) 43 43 43 43
HSS (mostly electives, including English course) 29 29 25 25
Compulsory Technical Courses 54 52 54 52
Science Electives 8 8 8 8
program Electives 16 16 24 24
Open Electives 16 16 20 20
BTP 8 8 8 8
Total Credits 166 164 182 180

Semester Wise Curriculum
A list of UG Electives
(For details of our UG programs visit us at the LNM Institute of Information Technology)