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Department of Mechanical - Mechatronics Engineering was initiated in 2013 keeping in the view of the future industrial automation requirements in the design and manufacturing areas in the state of Rajasthan. Currently the department has a B. Tech programme in MME and ME along with a PhD programme in MME. Two batches of about 35 student each have been admitted in MME since inception. 2015 onwards 30 students will be in B. Tech in MME and ME each.

The Mechanical- Mechatronics engineering (MME) discipline was established with the following objectives:

To train engineers for dealing with real life challenges in the field of Mechanical and Mechatronics industries and equip them with the fundamental concepts and techniques of machatronics applications, relevant to emerging technological advancements.

To prepare Mechatronics professionals readily employable by the industry and research organizations.

To conduct collaborative research focusing on emerging trends in domains like Computer aided manufacturing, Design engineering, Automation, Robotics etc.

The MME discipline is supported by a team of faculty members having excellent research credentials as well as extensive industry experience.