Centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Centre for Material Science and Energy Studies: (CMS-ES)


The LNMIIT created the LNMIIT- Centre for Robotics and artificial Intelligence (L-CRAI) as part of its select focused sustainable innovation-enablement and technology based opportunity creation initiatives having potential to enable early as well as long-term benefits to the campus, society and the nation. The L-CRAI would be encouraged to become an innovation, research and development hub around which not only LNMIIT but also many other institutions in the vicinity might get enabled over the years.

Goals & Objectives


Becoming a premier laboratory for R&D in the areas of Robotics, Industrial Automation, Artificial Intelligence.

Developing new robotic technologies to expand the capabilities of robots.


To provide solutions to industrial automation problems.

To work on the projects which can lead to future Robots.

To develop Robots for humankind.

To research in creating new and innovative technologies.

To act in the direction of low cost Automation.

To emphasize the development of Agriculture and defense through Technology.


Creating robots that see and understand for the sustainable wellbeing of people and the environment they live in. Becoming one of the best Research Centre’s around the world in where we can provide solutions to Industries and Businesses and also serve human kind with our inventions related to robotics.



Dr. Mohit Makkar (PhD, University of Lille 1, France), Assistant Professor, Mechanical-Mechatronics Department.


Dr. Puneet Kumar Jain (PhD, IIT Jodhpur), Assistant Professor CSE Department


Mr. Udayveer Singh, Dr. Sunil Kumar


Two Senior Professors from reputed Institutions are likely to join as Advisors for the Centre. (Names will be provided shortly)


  1. Design and Development of Fully Autonomous GPS based Drone.
  2. Design and Development of Pipe Cleaning Robot.
  3. Design and Development of Automated Shopping Cart.
  4. Design and Development of Industrial Robotic Arm.
  5. Design and Development of 6 legged Mars Rover.
  6. Design and Development of Humanoid Robot.
  7. Design and Development of Automated Drilling Machine for low cost Automation.
  8. Design and development of Self-Balancing Robot.
  9. Design and Development of Automated Security Guard Robot.


Fully Equipped Physical Research Centre was established on 2nd Floor of MME Department. The physical Centre was officially inaugurated by Honorable Director of the LNMIIT Prof. Rahul Banerjee in April 2018.


S/No. Name of Equipment QTY.
1. Software AUTOSIM-200 for 8 education license 1
2. CIROS Software 12 Licenses 1
3. Siemens Step 7 Software 12 Licences 1
4. Lab View 2018 Software 10 Licenses 1
5. MATLAB Software Campus License 1
6. Automated Drilling Machine Research Platform 1
7. MyRIO 1900 16
8. sbRIO 9632 5
9. cRIO 9075 1
10. Modular Production System 1
11. Mindstorms EV3 LEGO 3
12. WIN CC Software 2 Licenses 1
13. Proteus Software 10 Licenses 1
14. Multisim software 10 Licenses 1
15. Ultiboard Software 10 Licenses 1

* Some resources are shared among the Departments and Centers.