Students' Achievements:

Sr.No Name of Student Achievement
1. Prakhar Deep (Y13) Got selected for SLTC at IMECE 2015, Houston-Texas, USA with a sponsorship of $1200 from ASME
2. Harshit Sankhla (Y13) “Director’s Gold medal” for Highest CGPA. Filed Two Patents.
3. Aayushi Mishra (Y14) “Chairman’s Gold Medal” for Best BTP.
4. Nikhil P. (Y14) “Received Charles T Main Award” of $ 500 from ASME.
5. Vishal Singh Jadon (Y15) "Received Charles T Main Award” of $ 500 from ASME.
6. Harsh Vardhan Gupta (Y15) Won 2nd prize in ASME E-Fest Old Guard Technical Presentation. Received $400 prize amount and travel support $1500 to visit ASME-IMECE conference to be held at Pittsburgh, USA, Nov. 9-15, 2018.
7. Ankush Choudhary (PhD Scholar) Patented: “Submerged arc welding apparatus” reference no: 201711015641.
8. ASME STUDENT CHAPTER "Section received outstanding Startup student section grant in 2015 of $500.
9. ASME STUDENT CHAPTER "Various travel grants from ASME”, Year 2016 $1500.
10. Prabin K. Jha (PhD Scholar) Patented: “Mechatronics System Design to avoid the Train Derailment”, Reference no: 201811012071.
11. Yashowardhan Agarwal (Y17) Selected as a mentor for Atal Tinkering Labs under the Atal Innovation mission of the Govt. of India.
12. Tapish Gupta (Y15) Received $500 Scholarship from ASME.