Research Scholars

PhD completed

Dr. Ankush Choudhary
B. Tech, M. Tech, PhD (The LNM Institute of technology, Jaipur)

Current organization: FEA Application Engineer (ANSYS & AlphaSTAR )

Contact: +918764347955

Research Topic: Investigations on the effect of water cooled advanced submerged arc welding parameters on AISI 1023 steel

Supervisor: Dr. Manoj Kumar

Dr. Prabin Jha

Current organization: The LNM Institute of technology, Jaipur

Research Topic: Study of Derailment Dynamics of Semi-High Speed Indian Train (Gatimaan Express)

Supervisor: Prof. S.S. Gokhale

Current Research scholars with Department

Mr. Narendra Khatri
BE(ECE), M. Tech(ECE)

Contact: , +91-9460533888

Research Topic: Smart Monitoring and Control for Energy Independent Wastewater Treatment Plant

Supervisor[s]: Dr. K.K. Khatri, Dr. Abhishek Sharma

Mr. Surendra D. Barewar
Research Scholar,
BE Mechanical, ME Mechanical-Heat Power Engineering

Contact: , +91-9782971727

Research Topic: Jet Impingement on Horizontal Surfaces using Nanofluids and Structured Surfaces

Supervisor: Dr. Sandesh S. Chougule

Mr. Pravin O. Sharma
BE Mechanical; ME Mechanical: Heat Power

Contact: , +91 9604809303

Research Topic: Pool boiling heat transfer enhancement

Supervisor: Dr. Sandesh S. Chougule

Mr. Pravin P. Harane
BE Mechanical; ME Mechanical-Product Design & Development

Contact: , +91 7972735077

Research Topic: Investigation on Hole Drilling Capabilities of Electric Discharge Machining Process

Supervisor: Dr. Deepak R. Unune

Mr. Sudhir Kumar Pathak
BTech Mechanical; M.Tech Thermal

Contact: , +91 9529004508

Research Topic: Photovoltaic cooling techniques

Supervisor[s]: Dr. Vikram Sharma, Dr. Sandesh Chougule

Mr. Mandeep Singh
B. Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) ; M. Tech. (Machine Design)

Contact: , +91 9785750065

Research Topic: -

Supervisor[s]: Dr. Kamal Kishore Khatri, Dr. Ashok Kumar Dargar

Mr. Akshat Srivastava Kulshrestha
B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering); M.Tech. (Manufacturing Engineering & Technology)

Contact:, +919457984645

Research Topic: -

Supervisor[s]: Dr. Deepak Rajendra Unune, Dr. Ashok Dargar