M.Sc. (Mathematics)


The M.Sc. Programme is motivated and based on the suggestions from the Govt. of India for the Development of Higher Mathematics for Applications, as a part of the 12th FYP of the planning commission. Mathematics is driven by the need for abstract and quantitative modeling and prediction in engineering and the sciences. New disciplines have emerged by employing sophisticated Mathematical models and are continuously joining established areas that use mathematical formalism in modeling and prediction. Nowadays many industries employ mathematical models and techniques in their research and product development. Judicious development and use of Mathematical models in industry and the sciences requires education of Mathematicians who are able to bring to bear mathematical methods and interact with experts in application areas outside of mathematics.

The Master's degree in Mathematics has a goal to respond to the above need. With this objective in mind, we are running successfully M.Sc. Mathematics Programme since 2016-2017. The M.Sc. Programme in Mathematics is of two years duration comprising four semesters. The Programme is designed to offer a complete, balanced combination of courses in Mathematics (including both theory and applications). The department has wider scope to offer variety of courses including but not limited to Mathematical Modelling, Scientific Computing, Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Techniques, Cryptography, Stochastic Control, Graph Theory, Fractal Geometry, Computational Topology/Geometry etc.

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