Baudhayana-The LNMIIT Mathematical Society

Sulbasutras are part of Kalpasutras, which are one of the six Vedangas. These are basically manuals for geometric constructions of Vedic altars.

(Baudhayana Sulbasutra 1.48, 800 BCE)

This means, the diagonal cord of the reactangle makes both(the squares) that the vertical and horizontal sides make separately. This is a proof of Pythagoras theorem and was known before stated by Pythagoras. Another most remarkable statement from Sulbasutras is the following rational approximation of √2 :

Therefore, considering the contribution of this great ancient Indian Mathematician, we named our Mathematical Society Baudhayana-The LNMIIT Mathematical Society.


  • Aim 1 : Arrange seminars/workshops on various topics of Mathematics
  • Aim 2 : Arrange quiz competitions for students
  • Aim 3 : Organize group discussion on various topics of Mathematical Sciences
  • Aim 4: Alumni Database

Committee Structure:

Patron Prof. M. K. Kadalbajoo
Advisory Committee Dr. Ajit Patel, Dr. Vikas Gupta, Dr. Pratibha Garg, Dr. Manish Garg, Dr. Sunil Kumar Gauttam, Dr. Sudipto Chowdhury, Dr. Neeraj, Dr. Ratan Kumar Giri
Faculty Advisor Dr. Harsh Trivedi, Dr. Dishari Chaudhuri
President Ms. Raveena Shokeen
Secretary/Vice-Pres. Mr. Anil Kumar
Treasurer Mr. Akash Panwar
Information Secretary/event coordinators Mr. Vaibhav Silmana and Mr.Abhimanyu Sharma

Events & Activities:

  • Question of the day & question of the week.
  • Seminars/workshops/department symposium
  • group discussions
  • quiz competitions
  • celebration of National Mathematics day
  • special talks on History of Mathematics
  • Celebration of birthdays of Famous Indian Mathematician ( this Programme will have a talk on the fields of study of the person and his contribution to Mathematics)
  • Orientation, freshers celebration, Teacher's day celebration, farewell etc.


As provided by the institute/membership/quiz registration fees etc.

Value for Knowledge:

For better understanding of various mathematical concepts and its use in various different streams of science and technology.

Advertising & Communication:

Department webpage, Posters, Facebook page, emails, logo on T-Shirts, etc.


Co-ordination with other Mathematical society & working together for sharpening Mathematical knowledge of students, etc.

Contact details:

Name: Dr. Harsh Trivedi, Dr. Dishari Chaudhuri
Name: Ms. Raveena Shokeen
Name: Mr. Anil Kumar