Workshop on GPU Computing

The Department organized one day workshop on GPU computing on August 09, 2014. The workshop turn ed out to be very successful and the very rigorous and fruitful discussions were witnessed during the presentations. It was attended by several faculty members from various departments and students from all disciplines. There were nearly 17 students including senior undergraduate students, M.Tech. and Ph.D. students. In addition to this 7-8 faculty members from different disciplines attended the Workshop.

Speaker: Prof. S. Sundar (Department of Mathematics, IIT Madras).

The following topics were covered during the lectures:

  • Introduction to parallelization
  • Types of parallelism
  • Intro to GPU. History and basics
  • Intro to CUDA
  • Matrix Operations - Code discussion
  • Advanced topics
  • Julia sets and others - Code discussion
  • Numerical methods with CUDA
  • Linear solvers - Code discussion

Lecture Slides:

Lecture-1 Lecture-2 Lecture-3 Lecture-4
Lecture-5 Lecture-6 Lecture-7 Lecture-8

Prof. Sundar also explored various possibility of doing internship/project at IIT Chennai & in Germany at various places. The department is planning to organize a three days workshop as a follow-up of this workshop in the year 2015 which will give a complete hold of GPU/CUDA to our students and faculty members.