Ph.D Mathematics


Year 2003-04. The Department has a vision to establish a centre for research and teaching excellence in Mathematics of international repute. It has always shared the vision of the Institute in striving for excellence in research and teaching and has succeeded in this endeavor to a large extent. Over the years The Department of Mathematics, LNM Institute of Information Technology is part of the LNMIIT since its inception, the department has evolved as one of the premier departments in the country providing excellent teaching and research in Mathematical Sciences and Statistics. The vibrant academic environment is nurtured by strongly motivated faculty and provides an opportunity to pursue research in frontline areas of basic as well as interdisciplinary areas of science and technology. The Department currently has 7 faculty members who are engaged in research and teaching in various areas of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Theoretical Computer Science. The faculty members of the Department aim to achieve high quality research and teaching standards in various disciplines of Mathematics with a flavor of unified approach towards both pure and applied aspects and are ever responsive towards the growing demands of new and emerging areas of research and teaching. As Mathematics has penetrated into many areas of human endeavors, an updating of the curricula is regularly undertaken to keep abreast with the latest developments and to bring innovations.

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