Welcome to Department of Physics

The department of Physics is a very young department in this young Institute, established in 2012. The members of the Physics Department have a broad range of interests spanning both the very fundamental aspects of nature as well as the applied and engineering aspects of Physics. Areas of interest and active research include Cosmology, High Energy Physics, Material Science, Photovoltaic Solar Cell, Biosensors and Nanotechnology. The approaches include experimental, theoretical and computational. We are building up capabilities in computational physics. On this webpage you will find more details about the individual faculty members and their research interests.

The department is very cohesive and supportive of the research carried out by its members. We encourage collaboration from both within and outside the department/institute. The department offers first two semesters Physics courses with laboratory and many elective courses to all branches of B.Tech, two year M. Sc. (Physics) and Ph. D Programmes.

The Institute is also planning to establish a Center of Excellence in the area of Nanotechnology and Material Science. Thus, the Physics Department is well poised to build on its strengths and deepen its pursuit of excellence.

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