Cosmology and High Energy Physics

Faculty members and students in this group are pursuing different aspects of cosmology and particle physics such as inflation, dark energy, neutrino physics, model building and supersymmetry. Some of the above work relies heavily on numerical analysis.

Prof. Anupam Singh, Dr. Pomita Ghoshal, Dr. Anjishnu Sarkar

Theoretical and Computational Biophysics

We work in the field of Theoretical and Computational Biophysics. We confront nontrivial issues at the single molecule level of the living systems that require a synergy of skills in physics, mathematics, chemistry, as well as computer Programmeming. Thus this research area is highly interdisciplinary in nature. We study complex biological processes by developing simple theoretical models with the help of tools of statistical physics and various computational methods like Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics simulations. Our study further aims to explain structural and functional properties of biomolecules. Areas of research interest include DNA nanomechanics, single molecule biophysics, DNA-protein interaction, molecular motors, genetic motif etc.

Dr. Ashok Garai

General relativity, Black holes, Quantum Gravity

We are looking at certain aspects of quantum gravity including the effect of quantum corrections on Hawking radiation. In addition we are also interested in exploring possibilities of new theories of gravity.

Dr. Rakesh Tibrewala

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

We are trying to understand certain thermodynamic and transport properties of strongly correlated systems, such as ferroelectrics near quantum phase transitions, high temperature superconductors etc. We closely follow the respective experimental findings and seek for explanations using the quantum many body formalism.

Dr. Nabyendu Das