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LNMIIT Centre for Smart Technology (L-CST)

Month & Year of Establishment: August 2017

Nature of Centre for initial 2-year period: Virtual


The L-CST works towards identification of key needs that campus, society, the state and the nation may have which, in a prioritized and phase wise manner ,could be addressed with the creation of smart technology based cost effective solutions, testing (pilot deployment included), deployment, technology transfer, commercialization and, wherever feasible and relevant, outreach.

The L-CST is evolving into a center of excellence in terms of research, innovation, development and new venture creation in it/CPS areas. It has a Center-Lead, a Nucleus and a Centre-team comprising of faculty, scholars, students and staff.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Society and Country: Developing smart technology solutions for India, affordable to its common people.
  2. Education and Training: Giving training to students and making them industry ready.
  3. Research and Technology Development: Developing various technologies using resources of sponsored projects and involving PG and PhDs students.
  4. Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization: Converting prototypes to product; Commercializing Solutions

Vision & 5-year Roadmap

  1. L-CST envisions to create an ecosystem of research on Smart Technologies involving academia, industries and public entities (organization of central and state government, hospitals, civic body and defense organization).
  2. L-CST envisions to develop a talent pool on technologies related to Smart Systems at large.
  3. L-CST envisions to nurture young mind to use create solution to the problems faced by business houses, society and nation at large.
  4. L-CST envisions to make LNMIIT campus as a model campus with the objective of having minimum per capita consumption of energy, water and other natural resources without compromising with the lifestyle.
  5. L-CST envisions to make LNMIIT as a zero waste campus.
  6. L-CST envisions to evolve smart technologies for entrepreneurship activities through gated and time bound approach.

Centre Lead

Dr. Abhishek Sharma,

ECE Department

Centre Co-Lead

Dr. Sunil Kumar,

CSE Department

Nucleus Members

Dr. Kanjalochan Jena,

ECE Department

Dr. Joyeeta Singha,

ECE Department

Dr. Sandeep Saini,

ECE Department

Dr. Kusum Lata,

ECE Department

Current Thrust Areas of Work

  • Internet Of things
  • Prototype Development
  • Electronics Devices
  • Development of Smart Systems


  1. Projects:
    1. Sign language to regional language Converter (SLRLC)- TIDE DST PI: Dr. Abhishek Sharma
    2. Multimodal user interface for assisting elderly people in indoor environment. - DST - SYST Scheme PI Name: Dr. Joyeeta Singha
  2. Publication:

    The members of L-CST have published the research work on quality journals and conferences few of the highlighted work as follows:

    1. S. Saboo, J. Singha, "Vision based two level hand tracking system for dynamic hand gesture in indoor environment", Multimedia tools and Applications (Springer, SCI), under minor revision.
    2. S. N. Mishra, R. Shah, K. Jena, “Normally-Off AlGaN/GaN MOSHEMT as Lebel Free Biosensor” ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, Vol.9, Issue. 06, pp. 065002, July, 2020. [IF: 2.142 (2019), SCIE, JCR]. (IOP)
    3. N. Khatri, K. K. Khatri, and A. Sharma, “Artificial neural network modelling of faecal coliform removal in an intermittent cycle extended aeration system-sequential batch reactor based wastewater treatment plant,” Journal of Water Process Engineering, vol. 37, p. 101477, Oct. 2020, doi: 10.1016/j.jwpe.2020.101477.
    4. A. Sharma, P. Vanjani, N. Paliwal, C. M. W. Basnayaka, D. N. K. Jayakody, H.-C. Wang, and P. Muthuchidambaranathan, “Communication and networking technologies for UAVs: A survey,” Journal of Network and Computer Applications, vol. 168, p. 102739, Oct. 2020
  3. Book Chapter:
    1. S. N. Mishra, K. Jena, R. Goswami, A. Agrawal, “Field-Plated AlInN/AlN/GaN MOSHEMT with Improved RF Power Performance” , Advances in Signal Processing and Communication, pp. 611-617, 2019. (Springer).
  4. Consultancy Work:

    One Consultancy project is done in this academic year worth INR 1,12,000/- by Dr. Abhishek Sharma

Future Work

  1. The members of centre are planning to submit the projects on topics such as AlGaN/GaN HEMT as biosensor, Women upliftment in the society, Street scoring for urban planning, YOGA etc.
  2. L-CST is planning to organize FPD on multiple topics related to the centre thrust areas.
  3. L-CST is looking for external funding to support present and future work.
  4. L-CST will be planning to conduct workshop and seminars on the topics related to centre thrust areas.