Information Research Support for Centres of Excellence

The LNMIIT Central Library aims to help each Centre of Excellence reach its goals and missions by providing scientific information related to the current state, future trends, upcoming conference proceedings, most up to date books, industry-related white papers, recent journal articles, colloquium presentations, Governmental future plans, Inter-Government MOUs, etc.

Modern Library at any institute is thought to be the core centre of knowledge resources and in a real sense the best content provider to students, researchers, and faculty members.

Knowledge is power and to power each centre of excellence at LNMIIT, the Central Library can perform a pivotal role in bringing up the latest research and developmental activities around the globe to help enable each centre to perform its own research plan, setting up modern laboratories and prioritizing the short term and long term research planning goals.

To get access to these resources associated with each Centre of Excellence at LNMIIT, Please follow the links below:

  1. Centre for Next Generation Communication Networks (C-NGCN)
  2. Centre for Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics (CML-BDA)
  3. The Centre for Energy and Environmental Studies (CEES)
  4. Centre for Cryptography, Cyber Security and Digital Forensics (C3-SDF)
  5. LNMIIT Centre for Smart Technology (L-CST)
  6. Centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (LCRAI)
  7. Centre for Educational Technology & Teaching-Learning Innovation (CET-TLI)
  8. Centre for Material Science and Nano Electronics (C-MSNE)
  9. The Centre for Mathematical & Financial Computing (C-MFC)