Library Collection


To support the academic Programmes and the research pursuits of the teaching community and the research scholars of the Institute. Library aims to enrich the collection particularly, in the area of Information Communication technology and its allied areas. Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)22nd edition is followed for classification of books and organizing the collection on the shelf. Mentioned below are the sub sections under which books are categorized and arranged in the library:

General Books:

Library holds the collection in the area-Science, technology, engineering, humanities, social sciences, management, general etc. The collection is located and displayed from the main building on the ground floor stack area and extended to the next building. Books are placed from shelf no 1 to 15.

Text book collection

In particular course few books are referred as text books which are kept under this section. These textbooks may be consulted within the Library after deposition of ID cards. These books are non-issuable items and these can be referred in the library only. Few of the copies of the reserved text books are available for the circulation.

Reference Books

Reference books are broadly head into two section heads-

  1. General reference such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, handbooks, geographical sources, manuals and other;
  2. Subject reference which includes the books, other related reading materials etc, which are referred as reference materials under any particular course or subject. This section is located in the stack area on the extended building on the ground floor with separate labels indicating the reference collection.

Print journals/Periodicals

A journal or periodical or serial is a publication which is produced on a continuing basis. The Library currently subscribed Periodicals/Journals which includes National and International. Few of the periodicals are accessible in both the formats Online and Print. Click here to explore.

Thesis & dissertations

In this section hard copy and soft copy of thesis and reports submitted by the students are maintained by the library. Soft copy of the reports and thesis are also accessible through Institutional repository through the link (

Multimedia collection

This collection is organized separately and are available on request for use within the library. Under this section library maintains the CDs accompanied with the books, magazines, reports and etc.