Research Grants

PI/Co-PI Funding Amount Funding Agency Duration Title of the Project Status
Prof. Ganesh Datt Sharma (PI) ₹ 125 Lakhs DST, GoI 2017-2020 Development of New Small Molecules and Device Architectures for Highly Efficient and Reliable Organic Solar Cells In progress
Prof. Ganesh Datt Sharma (PI) ₹ 21.82 Lakhs DST-RFBR (Indo-Russia Joint Project) 2018-2019 Novel wide bandgap copolymers featuring excellent comprehensive characteristics towards practical application for organic solar cells In progress
Prof. Ganesh Datt Sharma (PI) ₹ 72.68 Lakhs DST (BRICS) (India, Russai, China) 2018-2021 Development of efficient polymer solar cells based on non fullerence small molecules acceptors with low energy loss In progress
Prof. Ganesh Datt Sharma (PI) ₹ 14.00 Lakhs DST/GITA 2018-2021 Low cost flexible organic solar cells based on non-fullerene acceptors as renewable energy conversion. (Indo-Taiwan Project) In progress
Prof. Somnath Biswas (PI) ₹ 32.15 Lakhs DST, SERB 2018-2021 Evaluation of Electro-Chemical and Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Novel Anode-Supported SOFC Membrane Electrolyte Assembly Structure for Intermediate Temperature Applications In progress
Prof. Somnath Biswas (PI) ₹ 14.80 Lakhs UGC-DAE 2019-2021 Magneto-transport Studies of ZnO Based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Fabricated by Ion Implantation In progress
Dr. Vikas Gupta (PI) ₹ 58.00 Lakhs DST-FIST 2018-2023 FIST (Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Education Institutes) In progress
Dr. Abhishek Sharma (PI) ₹ 42.88 Lakhs DST-SEED 2018-2021 Sign Language to Regional Language Converter  (SLRC) In progress
Dr. Ashok Garai (PI) ₹ 26.65 Lakhs DST-SERB, GoI 2018-2021 Elasticity of Telomeric DNA and the Effect of Human TRF1 Protein Binding In progress
Dr. Dheerendra Mishra (PI) ₹ 15.07 Lakhs SERB, GoI 2016-2019 Design and Analytics of content Distribution Framework for Digital Rights Management System based on Cryptographic Primitives In progress
Dr. Nikhil Sharma (Co-PI) ₹ 35.17 Lakhs SERB, DST-GoI 2019-2021 Energy Efficient RF/VLC Networks for IoT Applications In progress
Prof. Rahul Banerjee (Co-PI) ₹ 40.00 Lakhs DST-ICPS Programme, DST, GoI, in Collaboration with B.I.T.S. Pilani - Realization of Flexible and Scalable VANET with Multi-Tenancy Support using SDN & Network Virtualization In progress
Dr. Joyeeta Singha (PI) - DST (SYST Scheme), SEED 2019-2021 Multimodal user interface for assisting elderly people in indoor environment Approved
Dr. Somnath Biswas (PI) ₹ 13.56 Lakhs DST, GoI 2013-2016 Development of high hydrostatic pressure metal foams for hydrogen storage Completed
Prof. Anupam Singh (PI), Dr. Anjishnu Sarkar (Co-PI) ₹ 12.00 Lakhs DST-SERB, GoI 2013-2016 Non-Equilibrium dynamics of quantum fields in cosmology with applications to dark energy and inflation Completed
Dr. Akhlaq Husain (PI) ₹ 11.00 Lakhs DST, GoI 2013-2016 Least square non-conforming h-p Spectral Element Methods for three dimensional elliptic problems on non-linear smooth domains using parallel computers Completed
Prof. Ranjan Gangopadhyay (PI) ₹ 102.96 Lakhs ITRA, DeitY, GoI 2013-2018 Mobile Broadband Service Support Over Cognitive Radio Networks Completed
Dr. Narendra Kumar (PI) ₹ 8.00 Lakhs ICSSR, GoI 2014-2016 Tracing the Faultliness of Ethnic Conflict in the Postcolonial Indian Subcontinent: Narrative as a Socio-Political Discourse Completed
Dr. Kamal Kishore Khatri (PI) ₹ 5.00 Lakhs MNRE, GoI 2014-2017 Development of Green Campus in The LNMIIT under the "Development of Solar Cities" programme of MNRE Completed
Dr. Somnath Biswas (PI) ₹ 9.58 Lakhs UGC-DAE 2014-2017 Detection Of Bio-molecular interactions with TMR based sensing using magnetic nanotags Completed
Dr. Subhayan Biswas (PI) ₹ 11.00 Lakhs CSIR, GoI 2014-2017 Development Of Solar Cells Utilizing Quantum Dot Sensitized Titanium Oxide Nanotube Completed