Student Life @ LNMIIT Campus

The institute provides its students with opportunities for exploring and enhancing their talents not only in the Technology but also in extra- curricular activities. Accordingly, our academic Programmes are backed up with appropriate co- curricular and extra-curricular inputs promoting culture, sports, self-governance and values; all of which help the students towards becoming complete human beings.
The students of the institute live together in the hostels which helps in developing a healthy and social relationship among them. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the campus.
Each year student elections are held, for various clubs and  for food arrangements, interaction of the student community with the administration of the university, hostel facilities, and coordination of active sports and cultural activities in the university.
Various clubs and committees are :

  • Cultural Committee.
  • Sports Committee.
  • Literary Club.
  • Mess Committee.
  • Movie Club.

More to this, the students are the chief participants in organising various festivals and celebrations with the institutes inter college cultural and technical fest in the institute. Every major event in the university has been organised, handled and coordinated completely by the students of the institute. Faculty and management of the institute is always with the students of the institute

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