Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

LNMIIT became a member of UBA as Participating institute (P.I) in 2019.

LNMIIT has adopted the following five villages:

  1. Makundpura
  2. Rupa ki Nagal
  3. Sumel
  4. Langdiyawas
  5. Mathura Das Pura

To begin implementing this program, intensive fieldwork was undertaken by a team of faculty members and student volunteers. This fieldwork has to be conducted on a pre-designed format provided by UBA – cell IIT Delhi.

Awareness Activity for Covid19 in Nearby Villages

In March 2020, during the early onset of COVID19. A WhatsApp group was formed to disseminate COVID19 related information. Sarpanch and other prominent members in the village were members of this WhatsApp group. This WhatsApp group has been used for different awareness activities since March 2020.

Establishing a disinfectant hut/tunnel under the initiatives of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

To contain the virus up to some extent in its vicinity, LNMIIT established a disinfectant hut in village Rupa-ki-Nagal. This project aims to make villagers aware of COVID19 and its adverse health effects, train the villagers about hand sanitization and health and hygiene, and train them to use and operate the tunnel/hut. A sensor-based contactless tunnel for self-sanitization of villagers is established in the village. The tunnel has two sensors (one at the entrance and the other at the exit), one activates the tunnel when a person enters, and it has five nozzles (two each on the right and left side and one on top). The nozzles spray sanitizer, which helps sanitize the villagers without getting into physical contact with any exposed material or surface. The second sensor is installed at the exit end, which stops the spraying process. The reason for adding a second sensor is to avoid disinfectant wastage, which helps prevent the spray without any physical contact once again. The tunnel is made of light aluminum material with pipe wirings inside. The spray machine has a refillable twenty-liter tank to fill the sanitizer and disinfect around nine hundred people in one filling. To make the sanitizing hut operational even in case of power cuts, we have created this spray machine to operate using a chargeable battery that can work for nearly eight hours. The tunnel is established with the financial support provided by Unnat Bharat Abhiyan. LNMIIT played a role in establishing the tunnel and training the villagers regarding the functioning of the tunnel, its maintenance, and usage.

Poster and Video Making Competition

July 2021, undergraduate students participated in the poster and video-making competition organized by Unnat BharIn at Abhiyan on the National level. Sarang Deb Saha (20ucs173) won second prize in the poster–making category. Divyansh Bansal (20dec004) is awarded a certificate of appreciation in the video–making category.